What is caviar?

Real caviar always consists of the cleaned and salted roe of various sturgeon subspecies; the most famous types of caviar are Sevruga caviar, Asetra caviar and of course the Beluga-Caviar.
Occasionally, the roe of other types of fish is also referred to as caviar: German caviar is made from sea hares, and there is salmon Lachs-Keta-Kavar and trout caviar is from salmon trout. Salmon caviar and trout caviar can be recognized by their natural reddish color and their large grain.

What can I order in the SEPEHR DAD CAVIAR online shop?

Discerning caviar connoisseurs and caviar dealers can order the finest caviar at www.kaviar.de. We have the varieties of sturgeon in our caviar shop Beluga, Asetra, Imperial (an Asetra selection) and Sevruga

Since 2006, SEPEHR DAD CAVIAR has been offering farmed caviar in addition to wild-caught caviar. We make sure that the sturgeons are reared in the breeding farms under natural conditions. SEPEHR DAD CAVIAR does not sell caviar from closed recirculation systems, as we strictly reject this type of factory farming . As a direct importer, we obtain our caviar varieties from the best countries in the world: Iran , Bulgaria, China, Italy, the USA and Russia . 

In addition to genuine caviar, you can also visit www.kaviar.de Lachs-Chain-Caviar and order trout caviar from the salmon trout (country of origin: France). You will also find high-quality caviar accessories in our online shop under caviar accessories: caviar serving dishes and Mother-of-pearl caviar spoon guarantee the caviar gourmet classic and unadulterated caviar enjoyment. 

In addition, SEPEHR DAD CAVIAR has a selection of exclusive champagnes: Louis Roederer Cristal, Dom Pérignon Vintage and Krug Grande Cuvée are undoubtedly among the best types of champagne; the Champagne Brut Guillaume Aymard, on the other hand, is a real insider tip: the Blanc de Noirs impresses with a lot of body, little acidity and elegant perlage.
Also available from SEPEHR DAD CAVIAR are the Premium-Vodkas Beluga Gold Vodka - a masterpiece of Russian vodka art - as well as the Mongolian vodkas Chinggis Gold and Chinggis Platinum, which are served in Mongolia at state receptions, among other things.

How can I ensure that caviar is legally produced and imported?

In accordance with EC Regulation 865/2006 (July 9th, 2006), last amended by EC Regulation 100/2008 (February 4th, 2008), SEPEHR DAD CAVIAR is registered with the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation under number DE-R12 as a caviar packaging company . The provisions made in the ordinances are in accordance with the resolutions of the CITES Conference of the Parties (Resolution Conf. 12.7 - rev. CoP 14, see www.cites.org): All subspecies of sturgeon are subject to the Washington Convention on Endangered Species (CITES - Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species). All parts of the fish, including the roe, are subject to CITES labeling and require a CITES export permit. 

Caviar jars (and other caviar containers) must be provided with a non-reusable label or band and numbered according to the export permit; this numbering must appear on the invoice/delivery documents. All caviar products that you can order in our online shop or via Ebay from SEPEHR DAD CAVIAR meet these requirements.

How do I know if caviar is fresh?

There are several ways to check the freshness of the caviar you have bought: When you open the (metal) caviar tin, there is fresh caviar in the tin - it does not stick to the lid and does not fall apart. In addition, fresh caviar pearls easily when you pass a spoon through the grain and smells neither fishy, ​​metal nor oily. Fresh caviar smells like salt water, the sea and nothing else.  

How long does fresh caviar keep?

Fresh caviar is salted to extend its shelf life. Still, quality caviar never tastes overly salty; our caviar is always labeled "Malossol" - the Russian term for "lightly salted". The caviar is only salted to the extent necessary for a temporary shelf life. Vacuum-packed, fresh caviar has a shelf life of eight weeks , and pasteurization increases the shelf life to three months. After opening the packaging, keep refrigerated for a maximum of three days.   

What do I have to consider when storing fresh caviar?

Caviar is a very sensitive food and must always be sufficiently cooled. The original tins from the caviar producers are kept at an optimal temperature of -2°C for storage - high-quality caviar can be kept for up to a year. For resale, caviar is repackaged in smaller cans or similar under the strictest hygiene and temperature conditions. Always keep your caviar in the coldest part of your fridge, even at home; best - if available - in the 0° zone. Due to the salt content, temperatures around +/- 2°C are not harmful to the product. However, you cannot freeze fresh caviar, since the roe will burst when thawed; this affects the taste and consistency of the caviar.

To what extent does SEPEHR DAD CAVIAR guarantee the freshness and quality of the caviar?

The HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Concept) was anchored at European level in the Food Hygiene Regulation in 1998, with EC Regulation 852/2004 making the application of the concept mandatory for all companies in the food sector. In this context, SEPEHR DAD CAVIAR has received the approval number DE BY 16020 EG. The HACCP concept was originally developed in the USA to ensure absolute safety for the production of astronaut food and includes, among other things, obligations for risk analysis, continuous monitoring, the provision of corrective measures and documentation of all processes.

SEPEHR DAD CAVIAR places high demands on its local suppliers and demands regular strict controls within the caviar production process; The sturgeons, their keeping conditions and feed are checked (in the case of farmed caviar), and the conditions and processes involved in caviar production are also strictly observed. In the case of wild catches, we ensure that the CITES decisions are followed and that no illegal fishing takes place. In addition, Mr. Sepehr Dad commissions regular laboratory tests from SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH for samples of the caviar types available from SEPEHR DAD CAVIAR (microbiology, veterinary drug residues, heavy metal residues).

To what extent are ecological sustainability criteria taken into account?

All sturgeon species have been protected since 1997 and all sturgeon products may only be traded with a CITES permit. Sturgeon can be found in a wide variety of areas (but only in the northern hemisphere) and in many places the stocks have declined so dramatically that fishing bans have resulted. As a result, a large black market developed for smuggled caviar from illegal wild catches. SEPEHR DAD CAVIAR only offers caviar from licensed wild-caught caviar and meets all CITES requirements.

For a long time, sturgeons were considered unbreedable, the caviar from farmed production could not hold a candle to the caviar of wild sturgeons. Around the turn of the millennium, breeders finally succeeded in producing caviar of the same quality. In the meantime, even caviar connoisseurs find it difficult to notice the differences between wild-caught caviar and high-quality farmed caviar. At the end of 2006, after much deliberation, Mr. Sepehr Dad also decided to offer breeding caviar. At the beginning of 2008 he was able to visit a breeding farm in Bulgaria, which successfully raises both Asetra and Beluga sturgeon. Still skeptical at first, his last doubts were eliminated here: The fish live here under natural conditions in a lake that is of natural origin and is located in a nature reserve. It is up to 140 m deep, 42 km long and up to 6 km wide, the average water temperature is 24°C - optimal conditions for healthy rearing of the sturgeons, which can also find natural food here - the latter has an enormous effect on the quality of the caviar. The ecologically sustainable breeding of sturgeons is complex and takes about two to three times as long as in factory farming in closed recirculation systems. Mr. Sepehr Dad compares this type of housing with cage housing for chickens and strictly rejects it, since the fish are raised here without the natural cycles of day/night and the seasons. Breeding farms in natural biotopes accept higher production costs - not only to do justice to animal welfare, their caviar is of much higher quality.

How do I get detailed information about a product?

We endeavor to provide comprehensive information on the individual products on www.kaviar.de. Of course, we would also be happy to advise you personally if you have any questions. The best way to reach us is via email to  info@kaviar.de or by phone on +49 89 897 961 090 .

How do I register as a SEPEHR DAD CAVIAR customer?

On the home page of www.kaviar.de you have the option to create a customer account at the top under create account. After clicking on the create an account link, you will be asked whether you are already a SEPEHR DAD CAVIAR customer or whether you would like to set up a new account. You will also come to this page if you have already browsed the online shop and click on checkout in the shopping cart. If you are already a customer of SEPEHR DAD CAVIAR, you can log in here with your email address and your password.

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Can I order as a guest on www.kaviar.de without my own customer account?

You can only order caviar in our online shop as a registered user. Registration only takes a few minutes and makes ordering easier for you. Of course, you can delete your customer account at www.kaviar.de at any time.

what is my account

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